Welcome To BBSAI Organization

Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Action International Organization (BBSAI) was founded in 2009 and registered under Voluntary Social Welfare agencies (Registration & Control Ordinance 1961). BBSAI is a non-profitable, non-political and non-secretarian Organization. Since its inception, it has been working for development of ignored and marginalized communities in Sindh and other remote areas of Pakistan. BBSAI Organization is a technical, facilitating and organization support institution, providing services to the communities through their legitimate community based forums.

Message From Chairman

BBSAI have vision to play an imperative role in fields of Health and Education. We have dream to established educational centers with the help of Donor Organizations, for provision of free of cost quality education to those children who are belonging to deprived areas. BBSAI is fight against diseases and hunger. We have planned to build free treatment centers for various diseases e.g. HIV/AIDs, TB, Malaria, Hepatitis, Glaucoma, dengue fever with the help of partners. We are equipped Organization and running campaigns regarding hygiene and Supply of clean drinking water in various remote areas of Pakistan. BBSAI is made his best efforts for poverty reduction, dishearten child labor, reduce Social Stigmas, making Drugs free humanity with this slogan "Say No Drugs" and violence against women. We are ensuring children to be protected from cruelty, exploitation and awareness about human rights. BBSAI have dream for build a crime free society with the help of elected parliamentarian through constitutional amendments. Members of Civil Society can be helpful in this noble cause.

BBSAI has close and strong linkages with local community and we believed upon public and private partnership.


I would like to thank from the core of my heart to the staff members, volunteers, philanthropists,
Donors and different institutions for their valuable guidance and tremendous support.

Ch.Muqaddas Abbas